weight loss tips

What to eat to lose fat?

There are 3 ways to lose fat:

✓ be super healthy and be on a calorie deficit

✓ have a healthy balanced diet, treat yourself in moderation and be on a calorie deficit ✓eat unhealthy and be on a calorie deficit


Yes, I said it!

You can be unhealthy and still lose fat just like you can eat only green unprocessed food and be overweight which makes you unhealthy.

It’s not what you eat that makes you gain fat it’s the fact that you eat more calories than your calorie expenditure is.

Sometimes it’s not a day cycle of calorie surplus sometimes it’s a week cycle.

Tell me if that sounds like something you’ve ever experienced? “I barely eat during the week, it’s the weekends that I fall off my routine and I can’t lose weight”.

That’s the primal example of calorie surplus week cycle.

This happens when you’re ok during and your diet looks good Monday-Thursday but over the weekend you consume enough calories to end up in calorie surplus.


My favourite way to lose fat tissue is the most human and sustainable way and that’s how I do it with myself and my clients.


Because it is realistic and maintainable.

✓ I want my clients to eat at least 3 different sources of dark green vegetables every day( with time it’s easy to introduce more but it is a good start). Dark greens are the highest in vitamins and minerals.

✓ I want them to have a balanced diet with Carbs, Fats and Protein in the right amounts to support their training and everyday activities.

✓ I also want them to feel free to satisfy their food cravings every day in ratio70/30% as long as they stay in a calorie deficit. 70% good whole foods + vitamins and minerals from veg and 30% whatever your body craves that will keep you happy and going strong on your fat loss journey.